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"Das patriotische Klavier"
аўтар госьць, дата 2016-05-22 01:43

Sanikorrektiv Schwarzer Stern

"The Patriot's Piano" is a collection of fourty essays covering various scandals of the national government and background ideological patterns thereof, until Berlin in an attempt to stifle the writer orchestrated a terrorist attack committing arson against this editorial desk in absence. For the central bloc of the series, a pen name was borrowed from the anti-fascist struggle a century ago, honouring the spirit of one of the most resilient minds against Nazi Germany. This voice is supplemented with introductions to and reviews of the current threat, as well as specific estimations of the arson case and consequences thereof. As an inside view of current German politics through the lens of its anti-fascist intellectual tradition, "The Patriot's Piano" stands ready to be played upon any melody suitable to make contributions to political changes in the original identity donor's sense.